Aug 1-4

Orchard Neighborhood 2024 –  Sneak Peek
Friday June 21, 2024

Orchard Neighborhood 2024 –  Sneak Peek

Pickathon design teams are hard at work right now planning out each of our Neighborhoods. Today, we have a nice sneak peek at the Orchard Neighborhood.

Like the empyrean isles of imagination and other magical places of myth, Pickathon is a lush paradise of discovery and enchantment. In the foothills of our yearning lies a path welcoming us on a journey with friends, leading to a jungle bearing enormous fruits

The Orchard Neighborhood is a destination, thoroughfare, quiet retreat, or beacon of energy, depending on the time of day. As the first neighborhood you encounter, Orchard serves as a Gateway to the Pickathon Experience at Pendarvis Farm. Orchard’s existing expanse of space allows you to travel through the neighborhood mostly uninterrupted, in any direction.

We asked the Orchard Neighborhood team has in store for August 1-4, 2024. Here’s what they said…

Every summer we are lured to the island of Pickathon. We can sometimes see it from afar, shimmering and glowing in the distant… inaccessible for a time. But now, your dreams start to take shape. In just a few weeks the farm will invite us all to shore. 

This year the Orchard welcomes you and sets a mood for the entire weekend. From dreams to reality, a path inspires a transition from our daily lives to a place of a new breeze, scent, and dance. The Orchard is a place to find ourselves momentarily as well as a place to lounge and experience the moods once of dream. Welcome.

Full team: Aaron Maples, Taylor Shanley, Audrey Rycewicz , Betty Lou Poston, Reif Larsen

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the Orchard Neighborhood 2024 at Pickathon! More previews coming soon…

Orchard Neighborhood – Welcome to Pickathon

Behind-the-Scenes Planning in Progress!

Our dedicated team has been hard at work crafting the Orchard Neighborhood experience. Their attention to detail ensures your first moments at Pickathon are welcoming and memorable.

Join us at Pickathon and experience the transformation in the Orchard Neighborhood. Tickets are selling fast for August 1-4, 2024, in Happy Valley, Oregon. Get your tickets now and stay tuned for more Neighborhood sneak peeks coming soon! Follow us at @pickathon on Instagram and Facebook for real-time updates.

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