Aug 1-4

Refuge Neighborhood 2024 – Sneak Peek
Tuesday June 25, 2024

Refuge Neighborhood 2024 – Sneak Peek

Snuggled in the magical tree grove towards the bottom of the Quail Trail, The Refuge is Pickathon’s only all wellness-focused neighborhood.

We asked the Refuge Neighborhood team what they have up their sleeves for August 1-4, 2024. Here’s what they said…

The Refuge neighborhood offers a diverse range of experiences. Enjoy refreshing showers in our hand-built cedar stalls under the trees, cleanse your mind and body in our new sauna space, and refresh your lymphatic system and perspective in our cold plunge tanks. Breathe through the welling of emotions during a sound bath, align your body and spirit during a massage or somatic movement class, and engage with nature as we weave together elements from our environment.

Throughout these experiences, we will be present, peaceful, heartful, and hopeful as we unmask and unburden ourselves together. Our theme of 1000 cranes for peace, prosperity, and hope illuminates our innate nature to tread lightly on the earth and alongside each other. Now is the time to remember and create more peace within ourselves and our communities.

Intentionally dream-visioned by Libby Greenfield, Gabriel Brown, Nate Jones, Lindsay Love, and Kaylee Mayeux

A reimagined flow and architectural aspects created by architect Jackson Toole, allow the forest dweller to interact with the Biophilic elements and sensory orchestra. Jackson’s design explores the process of uncovering and discovering the self as we metamorphose in both spiritual and physical ways. The covering and uncovering as we find safety in spaces and recognition within connection to nature. Forest rooms, made from a lattice of woven branches, flow through the elder trees. Nominal Lumber is combined with branches in a hybrid structure, relating and joining the forest structures to the rest of the neighborhoods, combining the geometric and the geomorphic, creating specific moments of harmony using symbol ratios inspired by chords

We look forward to hosting you and your journey within the loving woodland pathways of our shared space.

Wherever and however you come, you are loved and accepted here. 

Come rejoice and rejuvenate with us in The Refuge. 

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the Refuge Neighborhood 2024 at Pickathon! More previews coming soon…

Refuge Neighborhood – Rejoice & Rejuenivate 

At Pickathon, to rejoice and rejuvenate means immersing yourself in a holistic experience that refreshes both the mind and body. Whether you’re indulging in a relaxing massage, breathing through a sound bath, or simply enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings, Pickathon offers a unique blend of peace, connection, and revitalization. Join us and discover the joy of holistic wellness. Check out our 2024 Wellness Lineup to see all the amazing offerings we have in store for you this year!

Behind-the-Scenes Planning in Progress!

Our dedicated design team has been hard at work crafting the Refuge Neighborhood experiences. As a result, their intentional designs ensure that every moment at Pickathon is unforgettable.

Join us at Pickathon and experience the transformation in the Refuge Neighborhood. Tickets are selling fast for August 1-4, 2024, in Happy Valley, Oregon. Get your tickets now and stay tuned for more Neighborhood sneak peeks coming soon! Follow us at @pickathon on Instagram and Facebook for real-time updates.

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