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Pickathon Podcast: Episode 40: Beats and Basketball
Friday July 5, 2024

This Week’s Pickathon Podcast: Beats and Basketball, with Julia Steiner of Ratboys

In this week’s episode of the Pickathon Podcast, we dive into some of the most exciting aspects of Pickathon 2024 and get to know the incredibly talented Julia Steiner of Ratboys.

Art Installations and Festival Prep

At the top of the episode, Zale shares insights into the meticulous work involved in designing and constructing the art installations around Pickathon this year. These installations are a significant part of what makes Pickathon a unique and immersive experience. From conceptualization to execution, the team is working tirelessly to bring these artistic visions to life, promising festival-goers an environment that is both visually stunning and thought-provoking.

Podcast Episode with Julia Steiner of Ratboys

Zale is then joined by Julia Steiner, the dynamic frontwoman of Ratboys. Their conversation covers a wide range of topics, giving listeners a glimpse into Julia’s world:

Beats and Basketball

Julia and Zale bond over their mutual love for basketball, reminiscing about their experiences growing up with the sport. This light-hearted discussion sets the tone for a friendly and engaging chat.

The Chicago Music Scene

They delve into the often unsung Chicago music scene, highlighting its vibrant and diverse nature. Julia shares her thoughts on the supportive community and the unique opportunities it provides for emerging artists.

DIY Band Management and Production: Insights from Julia Steiner

One of the most fascinating parts of the conversation is Julia’s insights into DIY band management and production. She talks about the challenges and rewards of handling various aspects of the band’s career independently, offering valuable advice for aspiring musicians.

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Be sure to check out Ratboys’ music wherever you collect your earworms. Their sound is a refreshing blend of indie rock and heartfelt lyrics, making them a standout in today’s music scene.

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