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Erin Rae
Erin Rae

Erin Rae, a singer-songwriter from Nashville, released her second album “Lighten Up” three years after her debut album “Putting On Airs”. The album, produced by Jonathan Wilson and recorded in California’s Topanga Canyon, reflects a shift in Rae’s music and self-perception. Embracing influences such as baroque-pop, cosmic country, and indie-folk, Rae describes the album as a reflection of her more compassionate self-view, which she calls “accepting my humanness”.

Despite coming from a musical family, Rae’s pursuit of music was unplanned. After receiving a Martin acoustic guitar on her 18th birthday, she dropped out of college to spend more time with the musicians and writers in her community. Her passion for connecting with people through music led her to pursue a career in music.

Rae has performed at prestigious venues and shared stages with renowned artists. Her debut album earned her a nomination for Emerging Act of The Year at the 2019 Americana Music Awards. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Rae used the time off touring to explore a wide range of musical influences and decide the direction for her next music project.

While Rae’s songwriting remains at the core of her work, the process of making “Putting On Airs” inspired her to explore music beyond the traditional Americana genre. This exploration led her to collaborate with Jonathan Wilson, known for his work with various artists. Together, they created a collection of recordings rooted in a classic “canyon” sound.

“Lighten Up” showcases Rae’s personal growth and invites listeners to share in her journey towards self-acceptance. The lead single, “Modern Woman”, celebrates womanhood and femininity, while “Lighten Up and Try” embodies the album’s title and ethos by focusing on opening up to love and life. In the track “Mind – Heart”, Rae meditates on the dangers of codependency and the unreliability of thoughts.

Overall, “Lighten Up” represents a fresh, authentic, and singular collection of recordings, capturing Rae’s evolution as an artist and her pursuit of self-acceptance.

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