Aug 1-4

Kachka Lavka
Kachka Lavka

Portlanders Bonnie and Israel Morales opened Kachka in 2014, unsure of whether the city would welcome cuisine very few locals had tried before. It became immediately popular, and is now beloved by diners worldwide for the dining experience it offers unlike anywhere else. James Beard Award nominated Chef/Co-Owner Bonnie Morales and her team cook the food of the former Soviet Republics, including many dishes inspired by her heritage as a first-generation daughter of Jewish immigrants from Belarus. The warm hospitality and lively atmosphere at Kachka turns each meal into an event, fueled by a parade of dishes marked by deep and vibrant flavors such as dumplings, proteins grilled on the mangal, house baked Russian breads, cured fish, pickled vegetables, and so much more. Kachka’s staff has traveled throughout the region on culinary exploration trips, the influence of which can be tasted on the menu in dishes originating in countries such as Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Kachka serves over 50 different vodka selections, as well a list of housemade infusions, craft cocktails, and a curated list of beer and wine with a focus on producers in the former USSR. Kachka’s dining experience has been lauded by The New York Times, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine and more, and is one of Eater’s “Essential” restaurants in Portland. Kachka was recently featured in the Netflix series “Somebody Feed Phil,” and was also the subject of an episode of the Emmy award-winning docuseries “The Migrant Kitchen.” In 2022 Kachka eliminated tips and employed a new business model that ensures each employee earns a living wage, with profit sharing and opportunity for career advancement. | Instagram | Facebook

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