Aug 1-4

Naike Swai & Yaara Valey Perczek
Private: Wellness
Naike Swai & Yaara Valey Perczek

Naike Swai is a Portland and Oakland based multi-instrumentalist, acupuncturist and astrologer of Tanzanian and German heritage. Brought up with a guitar and ngoma (traditional Tanzanian drum), they expanded their musical studies in New Delhi, India by learning the Indian Bamboo flute, also known as Bansuri with Indian classical Maestro Harsh Wardhan. Naike is a member of the Hawaiian Sound School and trained in a variety of sound healing modalities, which include Biosonics. In Naike’s artistic practice, they utilize time-suspending harmonic ratios, tuning forks, traditional kalimbas, analogue electronics and other natural instruments to bring harmonizing vibrations into the body to balance the parasympathetic nervous system and facilitate somatic healing.

Yaara Valey Perczek is a multidisciplinary performer and sound artist of Jewish Latinx heritage based in Portland. She utilizes looping technology to create luscious vocal-based live transmissions. Yaara trained in movement based expressive arts therapy and her work is centered in somatic reconnection. In addition to her solo work, she collaboratively creates work for dance, film, and other performance art projects.

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