Aug 2-5

Photo by Liz Devine
Workshop Schedule Announced!

Here we go…for our workshop fans out there, a brilliant mix of music and methods. Join these folks for three full days of the intimate and up-close in the Pendarvis Farm Workshop Barn. Very pleased to present: Friday Aug. 3 2:00-3:30pm : Two Man Gentlemen Band and Sassparilla – Street Performance 4:00 – 5:00pm : […]

Feel like causing a ruckus? New Pickathon Audio Mix!

Got a party, BBQ, or just feel like jumping around? Go ahead and cause a ruckus with our latest mix of 2007 Pickathon artists. We promise we wont call the cops or come to your door to tell you to turn it down. Check it out!..Pickathon Eclectic Party Mix! This is the third audio mix […]

RV Passes are SOLD-OUT!

Sold Out?….Sold Out! Parking that RV has just gotten a little more difficult, as we have sold ALL of our RV spaces for 2007 Pickathon. What does this mean?…Well, aside from zero remaining RV passes, we are also coming very close to being sold-out on our “Car Camping” passes as well (if you are planning […]

Hammocks for a lazy day. New Audio Mix!

A hot, sticky, lazy summer day. Nothing to do but beat the heat, and keep from moving too quickly. To help, we have dedicated this conglomerate of lazy-day melodies to bring you a calm, cool, controlled mellow. For August, remember to bring your: sun-hat, sun-screen, sandals, and hammock. ahh, summer. click on the mix…Pickathon Hammock […]

Questions….and their Answers: TICKETS, TRANSPORTATION, VENDORS, and LODGING

One month from today…we will all be basking in the hot-hot Oregon sun out on our favorite farm…Pendarvis Farm!.. Lots going on up to that point…endless amounts of organization, copious amounts of surprises to seems like next weekend…so quickly it will be here.. I will run through most all info, and answers to all […]

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