Aug 1-4

10 More Years of Pickathon at Pendarvis!
Time to celebrate! We’re so thrilled to announce that our permit has passed the Happy Valley City Planning Commission and we have been approved for 10 more years of Pickathon at Pendarvis Farm. We couldn’t have done this without all of your incredible support, and we can’t wait to get rolling on announcing the incredible […]
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Lee Fields performs on the Cherry Hill Stage during the Pickathon music festival in Happy Valley, Ore. on Saturday, Aug. 5, 2023. Photo by Jason Redmond / @fotojay
Ian Thomas sings to us.

For some, songwriters can say it all, they tell them the truth, give the signs of life in small intervals, create reasons for thought and sometimes even reactions by the masses. (just think of all cultural movements that have been sparked with the help of song) Ian Thomas is one of those songwriters to be […]

Psycho Banjo Babble…

Over the past few months on multiple occassions I have had the band Trampled By Turtles mentioned to me and suggested for Pickathon. Either through other bands via comparison, or from someone who had just seen the band live. A mash of sorts, while seated, this band from the Upper lakes State rips through sets […]

Danny Barnes : Master of Post Punk-Indie-Old Time-Jazz-Rock-Folk Songwriting

Danny Barnes brings something different to the stage every-time you see him play, and very few, if any, musicians can pull off switching styles better than he does. Danny Barnes is an iconic influence on so many countless musicians from all types of genres. You probably have heard him play and not realize it assuming […]

Jason Webley : Bohemian King of the New and Unusual

I am here to tell each and every one of you something very, very special, guaranteed!. We will spin in circles with our shirts over our heads, we will sway arm in arm and sing the crowd favorite “Drinking Song”. We will sing, dance, laugh and possibly even cry a little…such beauty and talent fills […]

Alela Diane : Creating worlds with music.

Alela Diane is a mesmerizing songwriter who makes you pause, listen, and become lost in the moment. When you come back from the journey you are left wanting more. Her songs are laced with vivid tales and delivered with a soulful spiritual style that is haunting in its beauty and simplicity. Pickathon is proud to […]

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