Aug 1-4

DJ Info: Your Guide to Beats at Pickathon 2024
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DJ Info: Your Guide to Beats at Pickathon 2024
DJ The Country Co-Op Pickathon 2022 at Pendarvis Farm in Happy Valley
Photo by Bill Purcell

Pickathon is excited to unveil its 2024 DJ Info & Lineup, curated by the awesome Rachel Good, aka DJ Stonebunny. For a little while now, we’ve been featuring some of the best DJs in the Northwest and beyond as part of Pickathon’s epic DJ Lineup. These DJs are real-deal vinyl connoisseurs, spinning both new and vintage records from all genres of music! From older reggae and dancehall to Cumbia, Latin dance music, and plenty of the sounds we love at Pickathon like country and soul, the intimacy and warmth of vinyl perfectly complement Pickathon’s aesthetic.

In 2023, we expanded our DJ program, introducing dance parties at select spots with stunning backdrops. This year’s DJ lineup boasts an electrifying 25+ DJs, promising an unforgettable weekend of non-stop dancing and amazing beats at Pickathon August 1-4, 2024.

“Pickathon’s all-vinyl DJs are one of the things that makes the festival so special, and every year we bring a lineup that’s as diverse and eclectic as the live performers. You’ll be able to wake up to an old-school country set in the Grove and get down to Northern soul or cumbia in the Galaxy Barn courtyard at night.”

Rachel Good, DJ Director for Pickathon

2024 DJ Lineup Highlights

As Rachel points out, “our DJs live and breathe music: we’ve got DJs traveling from Seattle, LA, Arizona, and Vienna, and tons of amazing Portland DJs who spin at venues across town, broadcast at local radio stations, and play in local bands.” And they’re all Pickathon fans! “I love seeing which live performances our DJs gravitate to every year,” Rachel says, “since everyone gets excited about different acts.” If Pickathon is about discovery, Pickathon DJs are at the forefront of finding new bands!

2024 DJ Spotlight: DJ Queen Amygdala

DJ Queen Amygdala is a Portland-based all-vinyl DJ and synth musician in local bands The Black Doors and The Soft Colors. She is the resident DJ at the Midnight Society and also spins a monthly italo disco night, Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love, and a dark dance night called ALCHEMY at Coffin Club. Her sets are fueled by passion for danceable synth sounds across genres such as italo, new wave, dark wave, goth, industrial, post-punk, EBM, synthpop, electro, disco, and more.

Secure your tickets now for this year’s Pickathon! With limited availability, they’re selling fast. 

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