Aug 3-6

An Experiential Music Festival?
Emma Jean Thackery on Cherry Hill stage during Pickathon 2022 at Pendarvis Farm in Happy Valley, Oregon on 20220813 (Thomas Boyd/)
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An Experiential Music Festival?

Pickathon follows three core design philosophies.

Design Philosophy #1: Nature is the best vibe.

Pickathon is rooted in the scenic forests, meadows, and farm buildings of Pendarvis Farm.

Each unique Pendarvis Farm setting becomes a festival “Neighborhood” where music, arts, and culture are intentionally integrated into the natural environment.

Here are a couple of Neighborhood examples…

Woods Neighborhood

Cherry Hill Neighborhood

Emma Jean Thackery on Cherry Hill stage (Thomas Boyd/)

Paddock Neighborhood

Galaxy Barn Neighborhood

Design Philosophy #2: Big Rock Candy Mountain

Pickathon is an expansive choose-your-own-adventure where three things happen when we are at our best.

  1. You are happy anywhere you are.
  2. No two people will have the same Pickathon experience.
  3. Everyone believes they had the best Pickathon experience.

Design Philosophy #3: Fall in love, every year, all over again.

Discovery is at the heart of the Pickathon experience, and it’s why each year is unique and special.

But don’t just take our word for it…

In our 2022 post-festival survey we asked out audience why they came to Pickathon and they emphatically chose music discovery over headliners by a 10:1 margin.

Wet Leg on the Paddock Stage at Pickathon 2022 at Pendarvis Farm

Want to learn more?

Check out the 2022 Pickathon’s Neighborhood Map (The 2023 Pickathon Neighborhood map coming later this Spring)

Interested in being a leader, member, or sponsor of a Neighborhood Design/Build Team?

Contact us at

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