Aug 1-4

An Experiential Music Festival?
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An Experiential Music Festival?

If you know, you know.

If you’ve never been, you’ll understand the minute you set foot on the Farm.

Pickathon reimagines the music festival experience by following three core design philosophies.

Design Philosophy #1: Nature is the Best Vibe.

Pickathon’s venues are not your typical man-made stages placed in hot open fields or parking lots.

Instead, Pickathon’s venues are embedded in the scenic forests, meadows, and farm buildings of Pendarvis Farm.

Each unique natural setting becomes a festival “Neighborhood” where music, arts, and culture are fantastically integrated into the landscape and are utilized based on the time of day to keep people out of the sun.

Here are a couple of examples…

Woods Neighborhood

Valerie Jun, Pickathon 2022 (Brud Giles)

Galaxy Barn Neighborhood

Frankie and the Witch Fingers Pickathon 2022. (Dylan Van Weelden)

Paddock Neighborhood

GZA, Pickathon 2022. (Erin Riddle)

Cherry Hill Neighborhood

Emma Jean Thackery, Pickathon 2022 (Thomas Boyd)

Lucky Barn Neighborhood

Jackstraw, Pickathon 2022 (Dylan Van Weelden)

Windmill Neighborhood

Design Philosophy #2: Big Rock Candy Mountains

Just like Big Rock Candy Mountain, every large and small facet of Pickathon is conceptualized as a deeply immersive experience to make you happy, relaxed, and content.

This is the hardest design principle to understand because most people believe they know festivals, but Pickathon is different, and no matter how much detail we or anyone else goes into, you won’t truly “get it” until you come.

Design Philosophy #3: Fall in love, every year, all over again.

Witnessing an artist at the critical peak of their musical world, playing one of their favorite performances ever, is a special feeling, that never gets old, and you always want more.

The environment is an essential ingredient, but so is curating the best contemporary snapshot of music across genres.

Discovery is at the heart of the Pickathon experience, and it’s why each year feels unique and special.

Wet Leg on the Paddock Stage, Pickathon 2022 (Dylan Van Welden)

Want to learn more?

Check out the 2022 Pickathon’s Neighborhood Map (The 2023 Pickathon Neighborhood map coming later this Spring)

Interested in being a leader, member, or sponsor of a Neighborhood Design/Build Team?

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