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Wed. Aug 01, 2012 Introducing the new shower, massage, cafe, bakery, and coffee area at Pickathon 2012
By Pickathon  
Let's just face it, showers at a festival are an essential part of life.

For those camping at Pickathon in 2012, you should know that we've built a new shower and cafe location. This project has happened from the help of the good folks from Oasis Express, City Repair, and the rock star carpenters that we've got on loan from Green Hammer Builders (Jesse is awesome).

This will be year one of what will be a newly dedicated, and vastly improved area during Pickathon, hosting: showers, massage, cafe, bakery, and coffee.

When we started the new design there were three major elements that shaped our approach:

  1. 1)
  2. Relocate the showers to a more central camping location.

  3. 2)
  4. Include a waiting area which doesn't feel like you are missing out on the festival.

  5. 3)
  6. Create a highly stylized artistic aesthetic to enhance the experience.

We're thrilled to not only have this really amazing new shower area, but to have delicious baked goods available from Tula Bakery as well as coffee from Spunky Monkey Coffee Roasters.

We're looking forward to seeing them in action just two days from now.


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