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Volunteering for Pickathon

Please review the following volunteer specifics and opportunities and if interested proceed to the application link at the bottom of this page. Returning volunteers: We have made changes to our deposit process this year, so please be sure to read this page BEFORE filling out your application! If you have any additional questions after reading this page, please email volunteer@pickathon.com.


ELIGIBILITY: All volunteers must be 18 years or older. See Volunteer Position descriptions below for any additional requirements.

HOURS: Most positions require committing to 2 5-hour or 2 8-hour shifts. A few job opportunities ask for daily or overnight shifts - details listed under Volunteer Position descriptions below.

WORK DAYS: Most shifts are during the festival Friday- Sunday. There are limited opportunities before and after the festival as noted in Volunteer Positions descriptions below. Please check all dates available on the application.

REWARD: Volunteer will receive (1) 2014 Pickathon Weekend Admission Ticket (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) which includes tent camping space. Parking is NOT included in the Weekend Admission Ticket. If you plan to drive to the festival, you must purchase a Parking Pass separately. Parking passes are $65 per car and may be purchased through the tickets page on our website.

DEPOSIT: **NEW IN 2014** All Pickathon volunteers are required to mail a $273 deposit check + a $10 volunteer processing check per instructions on the application. Please be sure to mail these in together (same envelope), but as TWO SEPARATE CHECKS. This is required for ALL new AND returning volunteers. Your application will not be considered until we receive both checks, so be sure to mail them in immediately after submitting your application.As soon as these checks are received, your application will be reviewed for a job assignment.

What happens to these checks? The $273 deposit check will not be deposited prior to the festival and will be shredded once volunteer fulfills their obligations.

The $10 processing check is a required fee and will be deposited once volunteer has accepted a position.

IMPORTANT: The sooner the deposit + processing checks are mailed, the better the chance for receiving a volunteer assignment. Both checks will be shredded if the volunteer does not receive a volunteer position. We do not recommend sending money orders! Because a money order is something you purchase, it is the same as sending us cash. If you do send a money order, we will not be able to refund you until AFTER the festival.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please make sure you send the deposit and processing fee as TWO SEPARATE CHECKS. We cannot stress this enough. If you send one check for both fees, you will be asked to send an additional $10 check before your application can be processed -- significantly delaying your application and reducing the chances you will receive a position.

a. Complete application.
b. Look for confirmation email - if you do not receive this confirmation within 24 hours then please check your spam folder to see that you are not blocking Pickathon emails or verify that you entered your email correctly on your application.
c. Mail deposit following instructions on confirmation email.
d. If selected for a position you will receive 3 additional emails:
i. Job assignment
ii. Schedule assignment
iii. Ticket email
e. Any questions please contact Pickathon volunteer coordinator

Film Crew Live Video Broadcasting
Film Crew Volunteers will primarily focus on the capture of the six stages at this years Pickathon that will be broadcast on www.pickathon.com. Volunteers MUST have prior employment and experience in the film/video or photography field.
Volunteer obligations will be (2-3) shifts that are 4-to-7 hours in length, this schedule will depend on the position that you are assigned.
Positions are available during the dates of 7/29, 7/30, 7/31, 8/1, 8/2, 8/3, 8/4, 8/5 for directors, camera operators, and other support positions such as runners and setup/tear-down.
In the comment box on page 2 of this application please enter any shift preferences, most shifts will occur during the festival weekend, but please indicate if you cannot work during the day on Friday or late night Sunday.

Sorry, all crews closed for 2014

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