Aug 1-4

Crooked Still joins the fun.
Tuesday March 4, 2008

That’s right, Crooked Still will join in on the fun for the first time at this years big 10th Annual. A familiar group to the Northwest with a few outstanding shows at Wintergrass over the past couple years leaving many in a state of open-jaw-awe, in fact – their ground shaking buzz is still resonating as far south as the lower Willamette Valley from this years festival taking place up there in Tacoma, Wa. The band now touts an even more dynamic string section with the addition of Tristan Clarridge and Brittany Haas (both past Pickathon allum. from 2005 and 2006). I found this video, although marginal in quality it gets you a taste of what the band is up to with the new configuration. Oh, and they also have another record to be released in June on Signature Sounds. …lucky day.

Crooked Still – Oxford Town

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