Aug 1-4

Singing for the Trees.
Friday March 14, 2008

Laura Gibson is a magical seahorse in the ocean of artists we have here in Portland, OR. She writes and sings songs on the most simplistic level, expressing her observations on life and its stillness. Her voice is honey-sweet and her charm is undeniable, a simple girl with wise words and gorgeous melodies. Anyone in the Northwest who follows the rising indie scene knows of Laura and her band. Currently on tour supporting Decemberists songwriter Colin Meloy on a month long east and west run of theater dates, finishing up with Seattle and Portland in early May.
Laura has been working on a follow-up to her Hush Records debut “If You Come to Greet Me”, which I assume will come out sometime in ’08. Expecting something familiar and looking forward to this next installment of Gibson penned tales.

Here is a live clip from a special hometown show with the Portland Cello Project. enjoy.

Laura Gibson – Hands in Pockets

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