Aug 1-4

Hackensaw Boys say…
Wednesday May 28, 2008

Keep it Simple!
Words to live by, love by, spread around, and act out. Simply put idea of life in a big wide world that needs to look towards the coming years. Ringing true in every aspect, in every walk of life. Just keep it simple, o.k.?

Hackensaw Boys music is anything but simple, but the words ring true to everyday life. First timers to our annual party and we couldn’t be more excited, the raucous party they will bring to the Barn will add a great deal of fuel to an already smoldering hot fire. Ahh..just thinking about it makes me sweat. Enjoy your day, do something that can help make a difference, and be sure to say thank you.
Oh, and if you needed the reminder – Tickets are selling super fast and could wind up on the endangered list if we are not careful….car camping and RV passes are close to extinct. Make your choice, while a choice can be made.
Hackensaw Boys – Keep it Simple

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