Aug 1-4

The wheels on the bus go round and round….
Wednesday June 4, 2008

…and right to Pickathon… for free, with ease, and while being good stewards of the earth.
EcoShuttle, a Portland based “100% Biodiesel”, Eco-Friendly transportation company is proud to announce it’s partnership with Pickathon for this years festival. We will have shuttles – all weekend, for anyone attending Pickathon – to and from the Portland Gateway Max (this will be our one-stop shop). Hours and other details at this point are being ironed out, but here is a little on the inside of what I do know:
The Shuttle is free and friendly.
The Shuttle can accommodate 25 folks at a time, and will be able to handle campers and their gear.
The hours are loosely worked around the Mt. View Stage times (10:00am to Midnight).
I’ve heard it’s so friendly that the van does not even kill bugs when driving down the highway…imagine that!
It’s super easy to make advance reservations through email.

And while at it, I suppose the basic point would be this:
We are providing our folks (YOU) with a great alternative to driving, and the crew over at EcoShuttle couldn’t be happier. If everyone that reads this could help spread the word, we can all help make a change, save a few gallons of gas, and help keep our fair city that much cleaner. You see, it’s not just the oil, it’s also the environment, and all of our precious resources that we utilize on a daily basis…which money cannot buy, nor replace. Air and water my friends, and they are both way better when clean and abundant. So, please, please, please use the bus. We would love to accommodate everyone! Make sense?
Learn more about EcoShuttle!
And keep your eyes on our Transportation Page for all remaining details.

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