Aug 1-4

Galaxy Barn decision 2008….plus Video a la our good friends at PCM.
Tuesday July 22, 2008

We appreciate all who weighed in on our open forum in making a decision about the late-night Galaxy Barn, and the proposed age restrictions (or lack of). It was tough to make this choice alone, so with the help of many who pleaded their case, we are now prepared to properly bring this process to an end. The votes have been tallied, and opinions have been weighed.
For 2008 we are going with the following:
The Galaxy Barn will be 21+ from 9:30pm to 2:30am.
We apologize to anyone who may feel this change has alienated, or limited their overall experience. It is tough trying to make everyone as happy as can be, and with the overwhelming response, it was clear that we needed to keep this ‘adult time’ environment sacred. It is important to keep in mind that although 21+ during these hours, we will still not be allowed to bring our beers in the barn due to the current OLCC bylaws. But, on the brighter side – we will have that NEW Barn-Side Beer Garden, and the NEW Pickathon Cafe open all day, and all night.
Please also remember that we have extended in every other direction in hopes of providing a fun, full, and unforgettable weekend with the other 5 stages, including the other late-night venue ‘the Heartsong Cabaret’. There is plenty to go around, for everyone. Thanks to all who helped with this decision, we fully intend on keeping this unique spark alive for many years to come.

Hmm, well for some icing we bring to you one of the highlights from out 2007 festival, filmed and produced by the amazing folks at Portland Community Media, who graciously donate volunteers, equipment, facilities, and copious amounts of time in order to pull off all this outstanding footage. Cheers to you!
Langhorne Slim – Electric Love Letter (we know it says ‘let it flow’..which is wrong)

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