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Will Call Tickets Begin this Thursday!
Monday July 14, 2008

As we sail along towards the open waters we would like to call August, it is now a good time to take note of a significant ticket change that is coming up in just a few short days.
Thursday July 17th will be the final day to purchase tickets on-line and still receive a physical ticket in the mail. What does this mean? Well, if you like having an actual ticket, and not just your name on a list at the gate – then it is best to order before Thursday, to assure that you will receive. The tickets look great, smell great, and have a nice feel when in your hand….and that alone is reason enough to acquire before August 1st. Order now, receive your tickets in the mail, and there will be no need to go to the gate for check-in – just drive on up, get your wristband and head towards the camp of your choice.
If you cannot order prior to Thursday? Your tickets (name) will be held at Will Call at our front gate, where you will need to check-in, pick-up your tickets (wristband), etc..etc…..
We will continue to sell tickets on-line until the evening of July 31st, so all tickets purchased between July 17-31 will be Will Call. All others….well, you get your tickets in the mail…..or you pay a little extra, and get your tickets at the gate. Either way – it will work out.
Hmmm, it’s Monday – and I say we pay homage to the 90’s:

the everybodyfields (new full band) – Today (Smashing Pumpkins)

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