Aug 1-4

2008 Pickathon Bad Livers Set for all to hear!!
Wednesday August 13, 2008

Having just reentered the atmosphere after an 8 year hiatus spent in the asteroid belt, Pickathon welcomed with open arms the esteemed Bad Livers.

A lot of folks wondered what this would be like, how the show would go, and what they would end up playing.

Having witnessed this spectacle, I can attest – it was a set of hits, and Danny, Mark, Bob..and even Darol Anger (towards the end) laid it all on the line.


thanks to Taper Mark and his class-act crew at Peacock Radio, we got this puppy all wrapped up in 1’s and 0’s

…and now available for full, unrestricted use…

Listen, trade, and let us know what you think!

Bad Livers – 2008 Pickathon (things really heat up towards the end of the set)

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And here are some shots via Mark Going:

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