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2008 Pickathon: Feedback, Round 1.
Thursday August 14, 2008

Wanting to make sure we get these thoughts while they are fresh, here is the first batch of questions to help generate feedback.
We work super hard to make everyone happy, and try to keep the festival as a community event, where everyone can be involved. With that in mind, there are always things to change, as well as things that are so good they need not alter from one year to the next.

You can either email us at feedback(@) (remove the () around the @), or simply post below….we take it all to heart, so please try to make it well rounded. There you have it, please let us know what you think.

Today we concentrate on the ‘Festival’ itself…including the following topics:
Camping, Parking, EcoShuttle, Venues/Stages, Sound, Pendarvis Farm (Festival Grounds), Vendors, Staff/Volunteers…and?

1. Any thoughts on Camping? (good areas?, room for improvement?)
2. What do you think about our Parking? (please keep in mind that this will be the area that feels the growth the most in the coming years, and also we are providing FREE shuttles from Portland – in hopes of limiting the overall ‘car impact’)
3. How about the EcoShuttle? (memories of your ride? ways to help improve this? things that went well with the shuttle?)
4. Anything notable about the Stages and Venues we had this year? (outdoor stages, woods stage, galaxy barn, workshop barn..)
5. What about the Sound at those stages? (good or bad?….room for improvement? ideas for improvement?)
6. The Festival Grounds? (Pendarvis Farm…. Our Shade, backdrops, decor?, the Lights at night? The Honey Buckets (was there enough, were they clean?), Drinking Water, Hand Washing, Showers?, anything else?
7. What about our Vendors this year? (Anyone to applause? Anyone to question? Praises, complaints…..?)
8. Our Staff….our Volunteers? (anyone standout…good or bad? did you notice our ‘safety team’, thoughts or ideas on staffing/volunteers?)
9. Anything else related to the ‘Festival’ that stuck out in your mind?

O.K. .. up next we will discuss the Talent, MC’s, Kids Activities, our Website, Ticketing, Merchandise….and anything else we can think of that is worth asking about.
enjoy…and please let us know.
Here are a few more pics via Mark Going

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