Aug 1-4

2008 Pickathon: Feedback, Round 2.
Monday August 25, 2008

The wheels are turning with all types of great feedback so far.. We appreciate that folks are willing to stop what they are doing and contribute their thoughts to the larger group, helping us understand the broader point of view. It really does help with making a better event, as we are not all able to be everywhere at once.
So… lets talk about the music. The meat and bones of Pickathon.
As many have likely gathered, we are trying to refine a larger collective of styles, which we dub ‘Pickathon’. There are just hordes of musicians/bands that we will continue to pull in over the course of the next few years. And several that will always have the open door. And I think that is pretty damn exciting.

In general, this is what we would be interested in knowing:

1. Who did you like? Anything/Anyone remarkable? Stages?

2. Who would you like to see in 2009?

3. Returning from previous Pickathon festivals?

4. Squaredance? Workshops?

5. Sound in the venues, on the stages? outdoor? indoor?

6. Kids Activities?

7. Do you listen to Peacock Radio while on-site?

You can either email us at feedback(@) (remove the () around the @), or simply post below….we take it all to heart, so please try to make it well rounded. There you have it, please let us know what you think.

couple other things…..

Be sure to browse through the Tim Labarge photos from the this years Pickathon that have been put up recently…you can that by scrolling through on our homepage.

Also, here is 2008 video from our pals Portland Community Media.
Martha Scanlan – Set Me Up High

Check back often for more videos from 2006, 2007, and 2008 Pickathons!

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