Aug 1-4

2009 Website transition….
Thursday February 12, 2009

hello, hello Planet Pickathon people.
Please pardon our current construction zone as we are working out the kinks, and ironing out any wrinkles. You may, over the course of the next week find corners of this website that are new and unfamiliar. Rest assured, it will all be tip-top by Wednesday of next week.
Until then, if you missed the latest newsletter?…feel free to take a gander here:
Pickathon Newsletter
All in all we are looking forward to another great year at Pendarvis Farm for our 11th Pickathon.
Stay connected with the updates for lineup additions, guest blogs, reviews, previews, and interviews…and of course get ready for loads of content to be posted…always a good time, and super informative for folks that want to learn more about the artists.
anywho, we’ll be talking to you again soon, and thanks for stopping by.
-2009 Pickathon.

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