Aug 1-4

2009 Tickets so far…New site right around the corner.
Monday February 16, 2009

This here is a ticket update…

2009 Pre-Sale Tickets ($90 for Weekend) are working their way out the door in a hurry (folks seem to really like ’em), and if wanting to make one or more yours at the Pre-Sale price…we suggest purchasing prior to March 1st. It seems highly likely that this will be the cut-off date, which at that point we will be selling Early-Bird Tickets ($105 for Weekend). Pre-Sale tickets usually end up going mostly to our email list…along with most of the available Car Camping and RV passes. Hey, who can blame them?….
Speaking of email list… our email capture will be up with the new front page that should spring into action in the next couple days, could be at anytime now… The new 2009 Website will feature loads of sweet content…and new this year will be featured bloggers from around the web. Promising a world of possibility with artist interviews, album and show reviews, Live Sessions with 2009 Pickathon artists, Audio and Video from prior Pickathon’s…that’s right, we are excited.
Get your tickets!…it’s going to be a totally awesome experience that will change your life, for good and for ever….

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