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Alela Diane…
Wednesday February 25, 2009

As simple descriptions cannot due proper justice, I leave it at just that – Alela Diane. One of the many artists out there that call Portland home, Alela is like the whispering wind that comes out of the hills every so often… We are lucky to share the same zip code and really couldn’t be happier now that the wait is over for her latest release To Be Still out just last week on Rough Trade Records. The anticipation while waiting for this album at one point was so bad I had to deal with incredibly vivid hallucinations that involved tiny paper boats, the dead of winter, and an insatiable urge to watch the Song Remains the Same on repeat(I guess in my head pairing a 1976 Robert Plant with a 2009 Alela Diane).. Whew!..all I can say is because of To Be Still, I made it out alive and thank the heavens that we have this video to wake up to.
For those wanting more on the record, stay tuned – we’ll get a review up and at it in no time…
enjoy this video – White as Diamonds, from To Be Still

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