Aug 1-4

It’s O.K. to Breathe Owl Breathe.
Tuesday April 14, 2009

Breathe Owl Breathe hail from the Great Lakes, calling East Jordan, MI home. They come from the land of fresh water, trees, and lots of snow. The music can take you many different places, but I feel most notably bringing amusement to winter, and paying homage to the likes of glaciers, mastadons, sabretooth, and Leonard Cohen on ice skates. Highly suggested are all four B.O.B. records to date: The Fall Album (2004), Climb In (2005), Canadian Shield (2007), and Ghost Glacier (2008). Dig on it. Oh, and please listen to shovel in the 2009 Pickathon playlist.
Here is an excerpt from the 2008 documentary Grab the Kids and the Cats and Lets Go which follows the band while on tour in the Northeast. Enjoy it!

Grab the Kids and the Cats and Lets Go – Excerpt from Yoni Goldstein on Vimeo.

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