Aug 1-4

The Deep Dark Woods..
Wednesday April 15, 2009

The Deep Dark Woods are from about as far North as one could imagine, and this really allows for good explanation for the how and why with this band and their music. The name itself brings a certain lonely feel that is not easily described, and the music can at times give a new type of lonesome, a country music lonesome. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is the Canadian interior, comprised of both the Canadian Shield and the Interior Plains, another destination on the cross continental Yellowhead HWY, and also the largest city in Saskatchewan. The Deep Dark Woods are real North American Country Music, and these fellas have embodied something special that can only be defined when having a general understanding of where they come from. The band is fairly new to me, but I am certain they have a good chance of breaking through the tape in the years to come. Their latest, 2009’s Winter Hours could possibly be on the verge of a breakout record. I guess we will see what folks remember come next winter when assembling their Best Of List…well.. Glory, Hallelujiah! (from 2007’s Hang Me oh Hang Me.

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