Aug 1-4

Tickets….this week into next.
Thursday May 7, 2009

As luck would have it, and by magical circumstance…we here at the ‘ol Pickathon HQ have ended up with a silent extension in the life of the Early-Birds. Initially scheduled for the May 5 changeover…we are now looking at May 11. So, possibly a lucky day for folks out there that could not make that decision just yet (or not?). Also..and maybe some good news for those that can only make it for a day or so – May 11 will see our Single Day Tickets as well. O.K., so I am pretty confident that we can get all that taken care of, possibly someone out there was looking for a good idea for Mothers Day? And stay tuned these next couple weeks as we will be rolling out both the new 2009 Volunteer Application, as well as the beginning of the 2009 Schedule…oh, and a whole lot more too.
Oh!, and we have a couple winners to announce too, from the Avett Brothers Grand Prize Giveaway we held earlier in April…we’ll hear about that again soon.
Here is another new tune from Sam Quinn + Japan Ten, from one of my favorite new discoveries – Monkeywhale.

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