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At one with the heat, a Pickathon primer.
Tuesday July 28, 2009

The great city of Pickathon is currently going up at the speed of heat. It’s hot out here folks, and the crews keep coming and going and things are just looking magnificent. The big transformation is in full swing. All this heat really makes us think about being outside, and we completely understand the logic of trying to keep cool.
So lets talk a little today about how we can all beat the heat, and make the most of another unsurpassed Pickathon Weekend.
First of all, it is important to point out that there are always options out here at Pendarvis Farm. Indoor venues, Solar Powered Stages in the Woods, 80,000 square feet of shade and sail fabric in our main amphitheater to help tame the rays while relaxing in the beer garden…. Any setting you find here at Pendarvis Farm, any time of day, we feel will make you think that it gets no better, and feel right at home. It is important to think about the little things to help make the weekend cool and comfortable, as comfort really does make the difference, we can beat the heat… There will be plenty of free drinking water available at a number of locations, there will be solar powered water misters to help folks cool off, we have showers, many hand washing sinks, ample (clean) honey buckets, plenty of ice for the coolers, and a world of refreshing opportunity in our vendor village. Also, as I am sure we have mentioned this before, over 80% of Pendarvis Farm is wooded Doug Fir forest, which is full of great camping and hiking (all trails light at night with l.e.d. lights). Camp in the woods, drink beer in the shade, and enjoy endless amount of clean free water…oh, and there’s the music.
As it stands now we are in the 100’s, which is heat that most of us rarely encounter. It seems things will be cooling a decent amount for the weekend, and likely be in the mid-high 80’s through Monday. Phew… Just lovely thinking that cooler days are on the way, there is music in less than 72 hours, and soon…very soon, all our favorite friends will begin to arrive and help make the weekend the best yet. We are ready, so please bring the good times.
…a Tim Labarge tribute to the true definition of “dog days” here at Pickathon.

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