Aug 1-4

Making 20 for Bonnie Prince Billy, we welcome The Wonder Show of the World
Saturday March 27, 2010

This week marks the 20th release in 17 years from songwriter Will Oldham, this time around as Bonnie “Prince” Billy & The Cairo Gang (Emmett Kelly and Shahzad Ismaily round out the ‘Gang’).

Although reviews are still hard to find at this point in the U.S. it appears that U.K. trendsetters like MOJO and The Guardian were able to pick up on the albums obvious yet key characteristics: Sparse yet complete approach, beautiful harmonies, and a slightly ‘less tortured’ outlook once it comes to talking about love. Certainly one of the most listenable albums of his vast catalog, with some even saying it’s his best since 2006 release, The Letting Go. All I can suggest is for you to get a copy of The Wonder Show of the World, and make the opinion for yourself. Being a huge admirer it’s really hard to find something wrong with these songs… Other than I suppose still waiting for the vinyl to arrive from Drag City (and in the meantime picking up the download).

For lack of a more recent video, and not wanting to use this one… here is the classic version of Horses from Greatest Palace Music

Enjoy the weekend.

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