Aug 1-4  OR

Wednesday August 11, 2010

It’s Wednesday, three days after Pickathon and heads are still in a fuzz from what has been referred to as the best Pickathon ever. For us there is much to process in order to pull together an accurate impression on what to do next. We feel a success all around with room for improvement, which is generally our impression after each Pickathon. The bar was raised and we (you + us) lived up to the expectation.

For today we would just love to hear the stories and have anyone that is interested share memories of this years Pickathon (in the comments below).

Don’t bother weighing things down with suggestions or feedback this time around – we’ll have that post coming up very soon. Also, the Ultimate Lost and Found post is being prepared with the 2010 version ready to go before the end of the week.

Thanks to everyone once again, your involvement means more to us than words can express. Thank you.

Onward to Lucky #13…..

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