Aug 1-4

Best. Memories. Ever.
Wednesday August 18, 2010

It’s been 10 days since leaving the farm and the memories are still swirling. From one photo to the next we are consistently reminded of how amazing things were.

Photographer Tim LaBarge has put together another great highlight reel for us to take a trip down memory lane with. For the most part this batch summing up what was experienced by the majority of us, of course not even close to covering it all…but at least enough to get the stories flowing.

For today’s conversation we would like to hear about the music:

1. Who was a highlight for you in 2010 (band, stage, day)?

2. Who should return in 2011?

Here’s the slideshow, 102 fun-filled memories from 2010 Pickathon. (click, click, click…to view them all)

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