Aug 1-4

Camping at Pickathon
Photo by Tim LaBarge
Tuesday May 7, 2013

Lets face it, camping at any festival can at times be a complete drag. Either your neighbors tents are too close, there is not enough shade, uneven ground, too hot, too dusty, too noisy, and who could leave out the ridiculously long hike to the nearest honey bucket…

Believe us when we say that we’ve seen our fair share of these issues come up over the past 15 years, all of which we’ve tried to tackle and fix with a thoughtful approach. Our goals are to keep Pickathon clean, comfortable, and accessible to all. Whether you need family camping, quiet camping, or rowdy camping…we feel that you’re covered while at Pickathon.

If you are planning on camping at Pickathon, please check out the Camping Info Section. There you will find a complete rundown of amenities and services that will be provided at this years festival; custom built showers, ample porto-potties that are serviced daily, free drinking water and designated areas for rinsing and washing dishes, delicious and local vendors, $4 Oregon beer, cider & wine, food and coffee vendors that are open at 7am, and of course… stuff for the kids to do as soon as they wake up.

Rarely is camping at a music festival this good…

Don’t miss year 15 of Pickathon! Weekend Tickets are available with the complete stage schedule set to be announced later in the month.

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