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Pickathon Music Festival
About Pickathon Since day one, the idea behind Pickathon has always been pretty simple: what does it take to be the best weekend festival of the year for music lovers?

This question has driven us to highly refine an experience that is truly unique. Innovation has always been at the center of this process and through the years many important elements have come together; collaborating widely on yearly diverse lineups that are built on the idea of great music being the sole criteria; refining six unique performance venues designed to create juxtaposing alternate realities; trusting important decisions can be discussed and made with our online community such as maintaining a low crowd density; becoming the only large music festival to eliminate plastic and minimize single use items; recruiting the finest food and drink purveyors in the land; focusing constantly on eliminating "normal" festival hassles; enabling families to thrive; working with the Pendarvis Family to create a highly designed paradise of a festival grounds, and the list goes on.

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Stage Schedules Here are links to printable versions of the Pickathon 2014 Stage & Kids Schedules:

Friday, August 1st STAGE SCHEDULE

Saturday, August 2nd STAGE SCHEDULE

Sunday, August 3rd STAGE SCHEDULE

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Sustainability Here's are a few of our thoughts on how we approach sustainabilty...

In 2014 Pickathon will once again be the only large outdoor music festival in the United States to minimize ALL Single-Use, Cups, Dishware, and Utensils.

Since 2010 festival organizers have committed to eliminating all plastic beverage containers, making Pickathon the first music festival in the country to go plastic (bottle and cup) free. Stainless Steel Cups have successfully replaced throw-away cups in the beer gardens at Pickathon with help from our good partners at Klean Kanteen.

Ample free drinking water is available throughout Pendarvis Farm, bring your bottles and refill whenever needed.

Pickathon's recycling and compost team is made up of volunteers who spend most of the festival rounding up everything that can be either recycled or composted.

Pendarvis Farm hosts a permanent solar array on the roof of the Galaxy Barn. The energy generated during the year offsets 100% of the energy used during the festival in the Galaxy Barn plus 100% of the electricity used by the food and craft vendors.

Pickathon hosts three portable solar power generators used for powering more than 3.5 miles of trail lights as well as providing the ability to charge cell phones during the weekend.

When it comes to transportation and getting to Pendarvis Farm, Pickathon organizers have put a lot of thought into ways to make it easy for people to get there using alternative transportation.

TRAVEL BY TRAIN AND BUS: To help eliiminate the need to bring a car to EcoShuttle runs a bus shuttle all day and far into the night from the Clackamas Transit Center MAX light rail station (the nearest public transportation hub) out to Pendarvis Farm. HERE IS THE ECOSHUTTLE/PICKATHON SHUTTLE SCHEDULE FOR 2014

CYCLING: Pickathon strongly encourages cycling by making it the only free transportation option for traveling to Pickathon.

CARPOOL: We recommend using our local carpool matching site, Ride Share Online .

FLY IN AND DON'T RENT A CAR: People traveling from out of town can book a room at any of the partner hotels, which will shuttle guests from the airport to the hotel, then from the hotel to Pendarvis Farm, free of charge. Or hop on the MAX at the airport and then take the EcoShuttle from the Clackamas Transit Center to the farm. Here's a link to the schedule: 2014 PICKATHON / ECOSHUTTLE DAILY TRIP SCHEDULE.
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Gate Times For all the folks that want to camp.

If you purchased a Pickathon Weekend Ticket the gates open at 9am on Friday August 1st, and you can remain on-site until 2pm Monday August 4th.

If you purchased Early Thursday Entry (in addition to a Pickathon Weekend Ticket), the gates are open for a limited window on Thursday July 31st, between Noon and 8PM, and you can remain on-site until 2pm Monday August 4th.

For those coming just for the day and not camping

Gates open and close at the following times
Thursday - Noon to 8pm (for Early Thursday Ticket Holders Only).
Friday - 9am to 11pm.
Saturday - 9am to 11pm.
Sunday - 9am to 11pm.
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Directions Pendarvis Farm is close to SE Foster and 172nd on the Southeast side of Mt. Scott (16581 SE Hagen Rd, Happy Valley, OR, 97086).

Before you decide on driving to Pickathon please consider one of the many alternative transportation options.
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Camping We recommend you start by viewing the 2014 Pendarvis Farm Site Map as it will give you the most detailed information about camping.

Pendarvis Farm is a great mix of Doug Fir forests, meadows, and views of Mt Hood that we are excited for folks to experience firsthand.

Pickathon offers a Camp Host service (marked on the map above) to help you find and secure camping space that will suitable and act as a sort of home base for questions during the weekend. We recommend you come prepared to carry all of your own gear from the parking lot to the woods (bike carriers are perfect for gear hauling).

Pendarvis farm offers a wide variety of festival camping which is mostly wooded and ranges from close in to a third of a mile away from the Camping Host. Based on popular demand we have setup some first come first serve special camping zones for specific uses.

*The Quiet Camping Zone has been designated for those needing silence between the hours of 11:00pm to 9:00am.

*Two special Jam Zones (Glade Jam and Stump Jam) have been designated for those that want to jam into the wee hours.

*Family Camping Zone is encouraged for sole use by people with kids under 12.

*There are close to four miles of trails in the woods of Pendarvis Farm which at night are illuminated with colored led strands (White & Orange = Main Trails, Blue & Green = Minor Trails) that are also listed on our 2014 Pendarvis Farm Site Map.

Pickathon features an amazing array of delicious and affordable food and beverage options that should allow everyone attending to eat all weekend without ever needing to bring a single bag of groceries.

Ice will be available for purchase on-site.

Drinking water will be provided free of charge but you are responsible for bringing your bottles and cups to fill up for our water trucks onsite.

There will be several ATM's on-site.

Credit Cards can be used onsite at a number of locations.

Portable toilets, Recycling, Composting, Dish Rinsing, and Hand Washing stations are located throughout the venue and campground.

Beautiful custom showers are located onsite for $6 a use.

No telephones are available to the public for local calls, but cell phones should work fine.
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Food & Drink In 2014 we'll have the following food & beverage vendors:

Spread out amongst four unique 'gardens', you'll find our weekend drink menu is hands down our best mix yet, with each brewery, cider maker, winery, and distillery representing a hand picked list of the finest Oregon has to offer. Our list starts with featured beers from Fort George Brewery and Gilgamesh Brewing, many flavors of cider from Wandering Aengus / Anthem Cider, and cocktails featuring Dogwood Distilling (DL Franklin Vodka and Union Gin). In addition, you will also be able to experience the finest craft beers from Laurelwood Brewery, Base Camp Brewing Co., Crux Fermentation Project, GoodLife Brewing, Three Creeks Brewing, and Gigantic Brewing; top 50 Oregon Red & White wines being brought out by Ovum Wines and Domino IV Wines; and finally top shelf Oregon spirits mixed in summertime cocktails from Immortal Spirits (Absinthe) and New Deal Distillery (Ginger Liqueur and Coffee Liqueur).

Feeding us one delicious meal after another, Pickathon attendees will get to eat affordable meals all weekend from an all star list of Portland eateries including Bunk Sandwiches, Pine State Biscuits, Boke Bowl, Al Forno Ferruzza, Bollywood Theater, Townshend's Tea, ROBO Taco, Hoda's, Kure Juice, Fifty Licks, Kuza Burger, Spunky Monkey Coffee, Zuppa Soups, Lauretta Jeans Pies, Eatin' Alive, Bambuza, and many more to be announced soon.

When you come to Pickathon in 2014 you will have two options for eating food from any of our local food vendors:

1. Provide your own dishes and utensils to have vendors serve food on which you would be responsible to clean and store yourself. Dish rinsing and washing stations are placed near the vendor area for patrons who choose to bring and wash their own dishes.

2. Receive your food on Pickathon dishware by participating in our No Single Use / Resuable Dish & Token System.
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Lodging Pickathon is pleased to accommodate out-of-town guests that will be attending the 2014 festival.

Motel 6 and Days Inn will be offering a free shuttle service (from Portland Airport to Hotel, from Hotel to Pendarvis Farm, from Pendarvis Farm to Hotel). Hours for the shuttles will be 8:00am to 3:00am - which will be the last shuttle leaving Pendarvis Farm/Pickathon for the evening...

The Pickathon EcoShuttle will also be making stops at the Courtyard Marriott and the Monarch Hotel. This shuttle is subject to the schedule posted on the transportation page, and a bus pass will be needed for this service.

When Making reservations at any of the below partner hotels it is best to call in, and you must make sure to reference the "Pickathon Group Rate".

Motel 6 / Sunnyside Inn
12855 SE 97th Ave, Clackamas, OR 97015
Phone: 503-652-1500

Days Inn Portland South
9717 SE Sunnyside Rd, Clackamas, OR 97015
Phone: 503-654-1699

Monarch Hotel & Conference Center
12566 S.E. 93rd Ave. Clackamas, OR 97015
Phone: 800-492-8700

Marriott Courtyard Portland Southeast
9300 Sunnybrook Blvd. Clackamas, OR 97015
Phone: 503-652-2900

If these folks do not fit your fancy, please take a look at the Mt. Hood Territory Website, as they have an expansive list of all Lodging Options in Clackamas County.
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Transportation Pickathon encourages everyone to make a difference by considering a number of alternative modes of transportation besides simply driving a car to the festival.

Listed below is a summary of the many possible options.

To purchase the Weekend EcoShuttle Bus Pass in advance visit our Ticket section.

EcoShuttle (between Clackamas Town Center and Pickathon/Pendarvis Farm) hours are roughly as such: Thursday 3:30-8:00pm, Friday & Saturday 8:30am-2:15am, Sunday 8:30am-11pm, Monday 8:00am-2:00pm



Option #1 - Travel to Portland by airplane, train, or bus and stay at one of our Lodging Partners who will provide free of charge shuttle service between the Hotel and Pickathon.

Option #2 - Travel to Portland by airplane, train, or bus and finish your journey to Pickathon by taxi or our Mass Transit Shuttle (see above) and camp onsite.

Bike Rides to Pickathon 2014: Brought to you by MailChimp

This year Pickathon is offering a fun, more sustainable and easy way to get to the best music festival in the West. We've done all the planning, and with a lot of help from MailChimp all you have to do saddle up and ride!

Our cycle chaperones will guide you on your journey and the gear shuttle will make sure your stuff makes it to farm.

Special thanks to Velo Cult bike shop for providing the Portland meeting spot and parking!


To Pickathon:
Thursday 11am from Velo Cult
Friday 8:00am from Velo Cult
*Please show up a half hour before departure time
Meet at Velo Cult Bike Shop 1969 NE 42nd Ave

From Pickathon:
Monday 10am departure
*Please show up a half hour before departure time
Meet near the Workshop Barn by the bike parking at Pendarvis Farms

What about the ride?
The ride is a mellow, 14.5 miles with one good climb. Approximately half of the ride is along designated bike paths, a quarter utilizes PDX's extensive bike lanes and suggested boulevards and the last quarter is along country roads with mild traffic. Our bike chaperones have done their best to plan an efficient and pleasant route.

Here's a map of the designated route:

What about all my gear?
We got you covered! Thanks to MailChimp's support we are able to shuttle your camping gear to the farm while you enjoy the ride through PDX and out to the farm. Just make sure to keep things to a minimum so we can transport everyone’s stuff.

Gear Shuttle
The van will be ready to roll at the designated times. Just meet up at Velo Cult, drop your gear and it’ll be waiting for you at the farm.

Claim Ticket Tags
We will have some claim ticket tags so you can retrieve your gear at the farm and upon return at Velo Cult.

What about parking my car at Velo Cult?

Yes! Velo Cult is ready for us. They've offered up parking in their rear parking lot for the weekend to Pickathoners. They have about 30 spots, so if you want to bike your gear down that would be even better. If you choose to park elsewhere please abide by the PDX parking regulations.

All riders must print and sign the following waiver to be a part of these rides. The printed and signed waiver will be collected at Velo Cult just prior to departure.

Pickathon 2014 Bike Ride Waiver: DOWNLOAD WAIVER HERE

Please contact: bike.pickathon@gmail.com

*Pickathon is not responsible for any damage, or other issues regarding your parked vehicle.
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Do's and Dont's You must follow some basic neighborly rules otherwise you could be turned away or be asked to leave at anytime.

Absolutely no pets are allowed.

No Outside Alcohol (beer,wine,liquor,etc) will be allowed in the camping areas and venues at Pendarvis Farm. Vehicles will be checked upon entry and these items will be confiscated.

No Smoking in any of the venues at Pendarvis Farm. This includes outdoor venues and indoor venues. Smoking is allowed only in the clearly defined and designated Smoking Areas. There are TWO designated smoking areas at Pendarvis Farm and both are clearly defined on the festival site map.

Within the main stage area blankets and low back chairs can only be left all weekend in designated areas. Other areas will be designated blanket free. If you do leave a blanket or chair in the main area it is assumed to be public space so that others can respectively use it while you are not there, and you can hopefully be neighborly when you return to figure out what is possible for continued sharing.

No portable shade structures will be allowed anywhere in the main venue bowl.

No fires of any kind (including candles), fireworks, or firearms allowed. *You can use camp stoves, but please be very careful.

Respect your fellow festival goers, campers, and Pendarvis Farm neighbors
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Kids Families are a large part of the annual Pickathon tradition and we'll continue to do our best in making this the case.

There is a full summer camp worth of activities in one weekend at Pickathon.

Here's the full 2014 Kids & Family Schedule.

All kids under 12 get in for free when coming to Pickathon with the family.

Pickathon will also have Pickathon Radio broadcasting the Mountain View and Fir Meadows stages on 90.1 FM so you can listen in from anywhere in the campground. So when you're putting the kids to bed or just hanging out back at the campsite you can stay connected the whole time.
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Pendarvis Farm Hey Farm Friends!

Thanks for coming. It wouldn’t be fun without you!

Please read: We appreciate your help to make our parties fun, safe, creative, and carefree. We thank you for partying safely and acting honorably, and respecting our neighbors. Be aware of inherent risks, like uneven ground, thorns, wasps, mud, fires.

Don’t block the driveways, FIRELANES OR PATHS. We can’t be held responsible for lost items, though we do try to round them up as best we can. Please: if you break or damage something, tell us. • Leave nothing but footprints • No unauthorized fires. • Don’t litter cigarette butts, microtrash, tc. • Turn it down if we request it. • Do not feed horses or enter paddocks • Do not destroy valuable/native plants • Respect wildlife, and our pets. •Party legally and don’t party and drive. •Have fun and come back! • Be aware. Be careful. Act responsibly. • Thank You! • The Pendarvis Farm Community thrives with mutual trust!

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Volunteer All volunteer positions are now FULL for 2014 Pickathon!


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Contact Do you still have a question for us that we did not answer above?

Contact us at

BANDS: We are no longer accepting any submissions for the 2014 festival.

MEDIA/PRESS: To apply for 2014 Pickathon Press Credentials, please email - press[at]pickathon[dot]com

*2014 Pickathon Press Credential Application Submission Deadline is July 1st*
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