Aug 1-4  OR

Transforming Pendarvia into Pickathon
Photo by Tim LaBarge
Friday July 19, 2013

As we end our first week of the epic site build that is ahead, it felt like a necessary time to get everyone rallied and ready for the big two-week countdown. The transformation of Pendarvis Farm to Pickathon has begun and we’re officially off to the races!

There are so many new site improvements and festival additions that we’re excited for everyone to see and experience in 2013. This is the end of a full year spent working through the details, and now with our wheels on the ground, and just two weeks left to wait… We’re here to say that Pickathon 2013 is going to be over-the-top-amazing. Hands down the best year yet.

In the earliest stages of setup this week we watch the crew from GuildWorks begin their quest to redefine what is possible while setting up the worlds largest tension fabric structure. To think that when put to good use, twelve-plus-miles of rope and several hundred thousand yards of fabric can create a complete alternate reality for musicians and music fans alike.

On the other side of the site in the new Pickathon Cafe area, a group of students from the PSU Architecture School have started their installation, which will be a new entry gate feature between the Camp Host and Pickathon Cafe. This has been a semester-long, student led project that was a collaboration between Pickathon, Mar Ricketts from Guildworks, and Travis Bell of PSU. It’s been really cool to see it unfold and now we get to watch it take shape! Make sure you check this area out as it’s definitely received a lot of attention and we’re looking forward to see it all come together.

These installations are 100% unique to Pickathon and will be nothing short of extraordinary. There is going to be a lot of progress over a short period of time, and we’ll make sure to share everything we can throughout the process. Stay tuned!

Beyond this, we’re all pretty busy over here in the HQ. It’s that special time of year again, and we’re looking forward to celebrating our 15th year with another amazing crowd! Tell your friends, family and neighbors as Pickathon only happens once a year, and this is definitely one that you won’t want to miss!

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