Aug 1-4

Pickathon Galaxy Barn change over DJ sets!
Photo by Christopher Sohler
Tuesday July 29, 2014

Last year we decided to do something a little different and offer between set music in the evening hours at the Galaxy Barn. What many of you did not know was this was a crew of live DJ’s, spinning records; playing some of our favorite vintage soul, weirdo jams, and all the other hits that fit the mix. Last years DJ’s included folks like Richard Swift, Jonathan Rado, Justin Gage, Greg Vandy, and Matt Greasy, to name a few…

THIS YEAR we’re doing it again, and with a bit more organization and gusto… Spinning the hits from turntables located on the blacktop in the Galaxy Barn beverage garden, we’re jazzed to have the following all-stars giving us their favorite cuts:
Greg Vandy {American Standard Time & KEXP} Indie roots / american vintage
Justin Gage {Aquarium Drunkard} Psych / soul / beyond
Andy Cabic {Vetiver} None-hit wonders / night time groovers
Matt Greasy {DUG, Seattle} Oddball soul / gritty r&b / funk 45s
Nitty Gritty {Sophisticated Mama, Seattle} Rare & popular soul / funk 45s
Eric D. Johnson {EDJ} Cosmic Mellow Party

7:20, 9:00, 10:40 – Matt Greasy and Nitty Gritty

7:20pm – Nitty Gritty
9:00 – Andy Cabic
10:40 – Greg Vandy
12:20 – Justin Gage
2:00am – Matt Greasy

7:20pm – Justin Gage
9:00 – Andy Cabic
10:40 – Greg Vandy
12:20 – Matt Greasy
2:00am – Nitty Gritty

7:20pm – Eric D. Johnson
9:00 – Justin Gage
10:40 – Greg Vandy
12:20 – Matt Greasy
2:00am – Matt Greasy & Friends

We’re just a few days away and things are looking good out here on the farm. Just a few days left for you to get tickets online! Just a small handful of Saturday & Weekend Tickets remain… Friday and Sunday single days not far behind!

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