Aug 1-4

Lucky Barn Thank You’s
Photo by Nehemiah Sliwoski
Tuesday August 11, 2015

Next up on our stage specific thank you’s is the Lucky Barn. This is where artists not only perform intimate sessions but also get a chance to talk about their music with the audience.

Thanks to our good friend Greg Vandy of American Standard Time, we had an awesome team of interviewers who guided conversations. Many thanks to Devon Leger of Hearth Music, Jeremy Petersen of XRAY, Jonathan Zwickel of City Arts, Jason Woodbury of Aquarium Drunkard and The Audio Ranch, and Morgan Chosnyk of KEXP and Light In The Attic Records.

Lots of love also goes out to our stage managers, Stacy Lee, Susan Kearn, Jack, and Mittens who helped keep the production together.

Finally, we’d like to thank Sherry and Scott Pendarvis for trusting us to be in this special place that houses their family’s art.

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