Aug 1-4

Woods Stage Thank You’s
Photo by Sara Vandepas
Friday August 7, 2015

We’d like to dedicate thank you’s to the people who helped make each stage extra special.

Thank you Elwood for being superhuman and working tirelessly day and night to make the woods safe for all of us – he’s still on the farm tidying up! Elwood and his volunteers were champions who cleared trails, hung lights, moved hay bales, and did so much more before and after Pickathon.

Thank you Mark Lakeman, the Branch Crew, and City Repair for weaving branches together to create beautiful natural structures on and around the Woods Stage.

Thanks Bill Kennedy of Inflatabill for sewing magical lanterns and hanging them throughout the farm.

And thanks Dan Meeker and the Lighting Crew, Joe Zavaglia and our whole Audio Team, and stagehands for helping artists have the best performances of their lives.

Lastly, thank you Sherry and Scott Pendarvis for letting us stay in your land.

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