Aug 1-4

Welcome Wolf Parade and Kevin Morby to the 2016 Lineup
Photo by Kristina Moravec and KEXP
Sunday January 31, 2016

Pickathon will be Wolf Parade’s first US festival date in five years with the band set to perform two nights at the festival. Kevin Morby, who made his Pickathon debut in 2015, returns with a new album, band, and what we can only assume will be unforgettable shows while out at Pendarvis Farm.

And you may be asking yourself… Why has Wolf Parade chosen Pickathon as their only Festival appearance?  Well… “Pickathon is my favorite US festival” admits Wolf Parade guitarist, Dan Boeckner, adding “Even using the word festival is downplaying what Pickathon is. It’s an experience. It’s transposing the best, ecstatic, all ages house party show you’ve ever seen into a beautiful outdoor setting and making it free of the omnipresent marketing/advertising that underwrites most other multi day music festivals. This year will be my third Pickathon performance. When I first played with Divine Fits in 2013 I thought: ‘If Wolf Parade was still a thing…this would be the perfect venue for us.’ Now that we are a thing again, I’m pretty overjoyed to be playing it. One last thing…I have never EVER been to a domestic festival and seen so many friends and musicians who WEREN’T on the bill in attendance. People who played previous years and got hooked on the event itself. That, to me, says more than anything else.”   


The complete daily stage schedule for Pickathon 2016 will be released on March 7. Featuring six stunning venues with nearly every artist performing twice during the weekend.

Listen to the lineup via this Spotify Playlist: Pickathon 2016 Lineup Preview.

Mark your calendars from August 5-7 and make sure you snag either your weekend tickets or day passes before we run out!

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