Aug 1-4

Spoken Series: Shayla Lawson
Inflatabill sculptures | Quail Trail - Pickathon 2016
Monday March 20, 2017

Shayla Lawson’s poem, Strawberry Swing, is the feature for the Spoken Series this month. Shayla’s website describes her as, “Author, designer, and generally creative person.” After reading and listening to her poetry, it is clear that she very likely inhabits much more than just those enormous, expansive worlds.

From Strawberry Swing:
we play / we only practice
when we kiss each other. But I am not
pretending. I need you / to know: I have

loved; I have love. But I do not have faith
that all our good will rid these times
of grit. I make room for when you go; I live
here, in what will come.

The 2016 Spoken Series was curated by Neal Morgan and filmed by Kristen Mico at the beautiful Pendarvis Farm on August 6, 2016.

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