Aug 1-4

Sheer Mag Added To Lineup, See Them At Pickathon August 4 & 5
Monday April 9, 2018


Sheer Mag¬†are set and ready to tear Pickathon apart, of course, only in the best way possible… Filling the sought after role of years past, we know a late-night Galaxy Barn set is what will get everyone talking in 2018. Making their Pickathon debut and performing on both Saturday August 4 & Sunday August 5.

Sheer Mag are so much more than a modern incarnation of the forbidden 70’s hard rock sound…

The fiercely independent group from Philadelphia have embraced their DIY ascent and thus far shunned the prospect of outside influence from managers and labels. They say no, much more than they say yes… (and that’s a good thing).

There are typically three parts to every Sheer Mag song – first, an instrumental seed, riff, or hook is developed by the Seely Brothers (Kyle & Hart), then, Matt Palmer begins work on lyrics, and finally, singer Tina Halladay brings the entire effort to life. It’s lo-fi, scrappy, and full of spit & grit.

In the past year Sheer Mag has attracted a good amount of attention; from continually positive Pitchfork album reviews, to cover features from places like SPIN Magazine and Rolling Stone.

See it to believe it!

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