Aug 1-4

People of Pickathon: Tim LaBarge- Photographer Extraordinaire
Sara and Tim LaBarge | Photo by Jason Redmond
Thursday May 31, 2018

Today we’re excited to shine a spotlight on a very special Pickathon family member: Tim LaBarge.

You’ve likely seen his name countless times in the photo credits in the newsletter, and on our website and social media channels. Tim has attended Pickathon since we first moved to Pendarvis Farm in 2006. Prior to that, we didn’t have a dedicated photographer and shortly after he came on board, he started building the photo crew to what it is today- a who’s who of 25 professionals roaming the farm, turning the thousands of exceptional moments and experiences into mementos for our collective remembering. We are fortunate to have such talented individuals capturing this history, and looking back gives us great perspective on this community we’re proud to call our own.

In 2010, Tim compiled and produced the book, ‘Pickathonography’. He probably spent hundreds of hours writing stories, gathering stories from artists and the community, and arranging photos from 2006-2010. If you haven’t had a chance to spend time with this beautiful book, it reads like equal parts family album and cultural biopic.

From Tim, about that first Pickathon:
“In 2006, Sara and I had tickets to Pickathon and were looking forward to seeing Greg Brown and Iris Dement, the Avett Brothers and the rest of the lineup. I got an assignment from the Oregonian just before the event to go out to Pendarvis Farm to make pictures for a preview story about Pickathon. I met Zale and we became pals and I was suddenly the one-man photo crew. The crew has grown with Pickathon over the years and we now have about 25 photographers pulling shifts throughout the festival covering each and every set while trying to capture the feeling of weekend.Thank you Pickathon for 13 years of being with good friends, for giving our boys incredible memories and experiences and, of course, for all that amazing music.”

Be on the lookout for Tim and his crew while out on the farm this year.

Thank you Tim, you’re the best.

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