Aug 1-4  OR

Tune-Yards, Mt. Hood Stage Pickathon 2016 | Photo by Katie Summer
Saturday June 30, 2018

Hello friends on planet Pickathon!

Here to tell you strait up that this years big event is drawing near and we’re really starting to feel the Summer heat… join us out on the farm in 30 short days!

Tickets (especially Weekend & Saturday) have taken a BIG jump this past week… The race is on, the word is out, and Pickathon is coming right up! Don’t get stuck in the city when all your friends are out on the farm!

Say YES to your Pickathon 2018 Tickets this weekend and we’ll see you in less than FIVE WEEKS!

Also, a heads up that over the next couple weeks we will be releasing a flood of new info… Check it: Pickathon Bike Ride Route & Schedule, our FREE Pickathon Ecoshuttle schedule, the complete Kids & Family Programming schedule, The DJs schedules (including big time surprises), our Lucky Barn Interviewers, and finally you’ll get a peek at the wide array of Wellness offerings that are in store for this year.

We just can’t wait until August!

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