Aug 1-4

TWENTY NINE Days To Pickathon! Who’s Ready?
Arrive At Pickathon In Less Than A Month! Photo by Heather Binns
Thursday July 5, 2018

With TWENTY NINE days remaining until Pickathon 2018, it is now the time to start making those daily plans… When to arrive, where to camp, and what shows to hit on that first day of the weekend?¬†Everyone here at Pickathon is looking forward to celebrating our 20th year with you, our community & closest friends. We’re putting in the extra effort to make certain this year is special, after all – you only turn 20 once in a lifetime.. And we can tell you now with full confidence, it’s going to be a good one…

There has been a ton of work put in to get us here, and now the boots are on the ground as we head into a full sprint for the final lap.

Stay tuned this next week for a flood of news – Food, Beverages, Kids, DJ’s, Bike To Pickathon, Shuttle To Pickathon… coming right up!

See you in 29 days…

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