Aug 1-4

10 Days To Pickathon!
Pickthon site build is off to the races. 10 days to go!
Tuesday July 24, 2018

We’re down to just a week and a half to wait… 10 DAYS.

As things begin to come together onsite we’re starting to really see the excitement building with the chatter getting louder and the final round of tickets selling super fast. Don’t miss your chance to grab tickets in advance… the wait is almost over!

The Lineup! The Stages! The Delicious Food & Drink! The Amazing Pendarvis Farm!

A couple notes on 2018 tickets:

  • Weekend Tickets will very likely sell-out in 2018, grab them while available.
  • Saturday Tickets are super popular this year, expect them to sell out soon.
  • Friday & Sunday Tickets are right behind and will likely be our last tickets remaining available at the gate.
  • There are fewer than 250 Early Thursday Passes available.
  • Sunday Curation Brunch is FOUR tickets away from being SOLD OUT.
  • Friday Dinner, Saturday Brunch, Saturday Dinner tickets are down to the final 15.
  • Thursday Dinner and Sunday Dinner have a little room, don’t miss out!

20 years!

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