Aug 1-4

Nathaniel Rateliff Making Pickathon Debut With Two Different Bands
Friday January 25, 2019

Let me tell you a little about Nathaniel Rateliff at Pickathon… The truth is, our conversations go back to 2011, which as we now know, things never worked out to have them on the lineup… Why? The simple answer is that we were being poor listeners, so much that it almost feels revealing to write about it now, and looking back it is obvious what we’ve missed. But isn’t catching on early what Pickathon is all about? YES, yes it is… and we’ve rarely been so wrong in all of our 20 years. 

The conclusion? Here we are in 2019 with luck on our side and Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats set to headline our Mt. Hood Stage on Saturday night. As well, on Sunday (pretty certain on the Woods Stage) we’re in the know of a special band setup that Nathaniel will put together for a rare set of songs pulling from his earlier releases…so there we go, and here we are… so now let’s all hope to hear swelling live takes of ‘Once In A Great While’ & ‘Nothing To Show For’ this August while at Pendarvis Farm. 

Thinking of joining the party this Summer?

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