Aug 1-4

With 22 Weeks To Go… Pickathon Saturday & Weekend Tickets Selling Fast.
Mt. Hood Audience at Pickathon 2018, Photo by Kate Horton
Tuesday February 26, 2019

With that in mind here’s what we have coming right up:

1. We have another big lineup announcement coming along and nearing the next phase… prepare for our next additions to surface on/around March 12.

2. Tickets are selling suuuuper fast right now and between Saturday Tickets & Weekend Tickets we expect to start feeling pretty full in the very near future… this is almost certain to pickup as we head towards another round of lineup additions. Your tickets are here.

If you’re looking to make Pickathon the highlight of your summer, we strongly encourage buying tickets early.

This is our 21st year and most definitely going to be our biggest party yet. Don’t miss it!

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