Aug 1-4  OR

Sudan Archives at Pickathon. Introducing an unconventional, soulful new artist.
Tuesday May 21, 2019

Highly Anticipated Pickathon Debut This Summer On August 3rd & 4th.

The name Sudan may be a teenage nickname that stuck, but the artist known as Sudan Archives uses it as a kind of cultural lodestone as well. Inspired by the swirling rhythms of Sudanese and African fiddlers, she adapted this inspiration to a free-flowing style of loops on the violin, creating a persona, a startlingly unique sound, and a dreamlike vision of digital Africa, the dusty streets pinging with ringtones and neon flashes. The music she’s making now flows effortlessly, violin pizzicato melding with vocal swagger, electric soul meets emotive songwriting. She can cover Kendrick Lamar and still have something new to say (no easy feat), refract African melodies within hip-hop breakbeats, and pour her voice like honey over the track. She might be an alchemist.

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