We all have a lot to learn from Lido Pimienta.
Friday May 31, 2019

The most revolutionary thing about Polaris prize winner Lido Pimienta‘s art is that it’s not just a communication. It requires you to share your space with it. In person Pimienta rearranges concert crowds to bring brown girls to the front. In interview and conversation she’s an expert at changing the point of view from a colonialist gaze to her own: that of an afro-indigenous, immigrant, mother. It’s shocking in medium as well. Pimienta’s self-produced album Papessa is guerilla cumbia, dance music that frees you from oppression, stacked with blissful tracks combining traditional and electronic sounds, lyrically breaking from perdition by advocating for water rights, women’s rights, inter-sectional feminism, and self-determination.

Lido Pimienta makes her Pickathon debut this Summer, playing on the Woods Stage Saturday night, and the Lucky Barn Sunday morning. 

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