Aug 1-4

Cedric Burnside is the hill-country blues icon we’ve been looking for.
Cedric Burnside February 2018
Friday May 31, 2019

Two time-Grammy nominee Cedric Burnside continues to realize his own musical identity. As the grandson of legendary hill-country blues man RL Burnside, Cedric has had both ample opportunity, and a difficult path establishing his own destiny. Over the past twenty years Cedric has succeeded his father in RL Burnside’s band, lost his brother, his father, and his grandfather, but the music has never ceased. In 2015 on Descendants of Hill Country, he moved him from the back of the bandstand on drums to an effective front man on guitar. Burnside’s latest effort Benton County Relic is both minimally realized –recorded in a New York city studio with just he and his drummer– and maximum hill country blues; hypnotic juke joint groove delivered with classic, alluring, Burnside style.

Making his Pickathon debut in the Galaxy Barn late night on Friday, then again in the Lucky Barn on Saturday. Don’t miss it!

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