Aug 1-4

17 Days To Pickathon
Hammock life at the Woods Stage photo by Liz Devine
Tuesday July 16, 2019


We’ve officially started the massive build out at Pendarvis Farm… which really does mean that Pickathon is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!! The last of the tickets are FLYING as we’re heads down and focused on setting up the best damn weekend of the year. Friends… don’t wait to get your tickets!

2. YOUR TICKETS! -> It’s hard to believe that in just over two weeks we are all going to be out at Pickathon! Two quick notes about Tickets:

1. If you HAVE NOT yet bought tickets… Holy Smokes what are you waiting for?
The time for getting your tickets is RIGHT NOW!

2. If you HAVE already bought tickets… those magic little keys to this fantastical ride we call Pickathon will arrive in your inbox NEXT WEEK… That’s right – YOUR PICKATHON TICKETS WILL BE DELIVERED NEXT WEEK…

(now’s the time to begin preparing your squad/crew/family!) 

3. PICKATHON ECOSHUTTLE! -> The EcoShuttle schedule is now up, with a downloadable version of the daily schedule coming soon… This is a FREE shuttle that runs hourly between the CTC <-> Pickathon, stopping at our two partner hotels along the way. This is a superb alternative to parking your car at Pickathon, and did we mention that it is FREE? Plan ahead! 

4. WELLNESS UPDATES! -> Taking care of yourself is a must, we all know this, and while at Pickathon it’s pretty dang easy too… check out these updates to our Wellness offerings at Pickathon this summer: 1st. NEW -> Knot Springs will be in the Mt. Hood venue area setup to offer their fabulous Foot Rubs (with a view of the stage!). 2nd. NEW -> Bridgetown Baby will host a ‘Family Feeding Nest‘ for nursing mothers and parents that need a nice place to refresh.. 3rd.Yoga will be offered at multiple locations for several different sessions – happening each day of the weekend. And of course, The Refuge will once again host our hand-built showers and massages. Treat Yourself!  

5. CURATION MEAL UPDATES (VEGETARIAN + FISH OPTIONS)! -> Several folks have been asking about veggie and fish options at our Curation events… Here is the scoop so far – Thursday Dinner with Chef Jane Hashimawari will be FISH. Saturday Happy Hour with Chef Alexandra Williams will be VEGETARIAN. Check out all of this years Curation events and make sure to grab your tickets soon…

6. CURATION SATURDAY DINNER SOLD OUT! -> Saturday Dinner is now SOLD OUT! Friday Dinner, Sunday Dinner, and Sunday Brunch are right behind! The ‘Happy Hour’ events are NEW in 2019 – try ’em out! Check out all of this years Curation events and make sure to grab your tickets soon…
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